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Gerry Waldron

Gerry Waldron

Gerry Waldron

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Image and Likeness

Gerry Waldron was born in Dublin in 1945. He started sculpting and painting full-time in 2000, after 25 years living and working in the Middle East. He has travelled extensively and currently divides his time between London and the Republic of Ireland, where he has a studio/gallery.

• Exhibitions


August: Image and Likeness, a major exhibition of 42 recent paintings at the Chimera gallery in Mullingar, Ireland


December: Exhibition in Accra, Ghana and unveiling of bronze sculpture of Marcel Desailly, captain of the French team which won the World Cup. This led to eight other commissions in Ghana


November: Park Walk Sculpture Show, Sculptures, Hortensia Gallery, Kensington and Chelsea College, London


April: Group Exhibition, Sculptures, Adonis Gallery, London


April: Auction for Haiti, Sculptures, De Vere White Gallery, Dublin


March: Hermione Exhibition and Auction, Sculpture & Paintings, Alexandra College, Dublin


Oct 22nd - Nov 15th: The Truth of the Matter, Sculpture & Paintings, The Market House, Mullingar (solo show)


April 5th - 30th: Being One's Self, Sculpture & Paintings, Lucy Tormey Visual Arts Studio & Gallery, Mullingar (solo show)


Group shows, June & December, Visual Arts Gallery, Mullingar


The Naked Truth: An exhibition of Contemporary Figurative Sculpture, Kensington & Chelsea College Gallery, London


Boyle Art Festival website


Mind into Matter, The Meridiana Gallery, Kensington, London (solo show of sculptures)


“Christ and the Apostles” judged winner by the Sculpture Department in the Victoria and Albert Museum’s Inspired by the V&A competition. website

Christ & The Apostles, 2004 (bronze cast)


Exhibition of Irish Art, The Walton Gallery, Gloucester Road, London


Bodies and Souls, Mullingar Art Centre, Mullingar (solo show of sculpture, paintings and drawings)


A Spiritual Journey, The Narthex Gallery, King’s Road, Chelsea, London (solo show of paintings)

In addition his work has been regularly included in group shows at the Beldam Gallery (Brunel University, Uxbridge), The Chelsea Art Society Annual Exhibition (Town Hall, Chelsea) and The Kensington & Chelsea College Annual exhibition (Hortensia Gallery, Chelsea).

• Collections

Westmeath County Council, bronze portrait of Leo Daly, the late Mullingar writer, historian and James Joyce scholar. Portrait unveiled in August 2011 at the Westmeath County Library

Mullington Arts Centre, Ireland - The Students, on permanent display

Tullamore Regional Hospital, Ireland - Triptych painitng, on permanent display

Work has been acquired by private collections in Ireland, U.K., France, Italy, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Ghana, Egypt, Uganda, Australia and the U.S.A. (California, North Carolina & Washington D.C.)

Portrait sculptures have been completed for people from Ireland, U.K., France, Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Russia, Laos/Thailand, India, Ghana, Egypt, Uganda, The Sudan, Nigeria, South Africa, Martinique, Jamaica, Dubai and the U.S.A.

• Literature

"Image and Likeness: Sculpture by G P Waldron", edited by R. N. A. Quartey, was published in June 2013 and is available through Amazon.

• Press Coverage

Boyle Art Festival:
Gerry Waldron’s portly Jeff (Firbolg) recalls the contemporary classicism of Waldemar Otto, the subject of a major show as part of the Galway Arts Festival some years back.

Aidan Dunne, The Irish Times

Irish Art Exhibition, The Walton Gallery:
The honesty of Gerry Waldron's work unnerves as well as engages the viewer. His acute perception of human life brings an original, inimitable quality to his sculpture. He works from the model, slowly over a long period of time. Not inhibited by working from life, his work is created with meticulous intensity displaying an unforgiving and penetrating observation. He focuses on the nakedness and vulnerability of the human body, conveying the texture and thinness of skin over flesh, exposing its blemishes and wrinkles. His sculptures are dramas without incident or narrative, haunting in their quality and disturbing in their frankness.

Damian Matthews

Bodies and Souls, Mullingar Art Centre:
Gerry’s painting is contemplative, emanating from the solitary self. He attempts to capture the ‘inner mindscapes’, sometimes using figurative imagery, sometimes abstract.

Marian Keaney, The Westneath Examiner